Anne Lowrey I appreciate your expertise, but what needs to be highlighted here is not tax loads, but how UBI can cut the size of government. UBI only makes sense if it results in replacing and eliminating all the other social support programs at all three levels of government. No more unemployment insurance, no more welfare, no more food stamps, etc.

I’ll leave the calculations to the experts with the data, but the cost of UBI is the direct cost (let/s say $17k per year) MINUS the savings from getting rid of the direct costs of other social programs AND the government overhead associated with them.

If one does that, one ends up with a program that should appeal to both left and right — small government, more simple systems, plus caring for others.

Clearly the devils are in the details, and UBI has to make sense, but it can be tweaked via the taxation system (i.e. clawbacks, etc). Michael K. Spencer

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