Excellent and it rings true for me, and I think many of the artists I love.

I’ve had published a number of books both thru major pubs. and through self-publishing, and while I’m retired from my other profession which is doing live training and conference speaking, I never thought I’d stop writing books.

But I have. I may yet write again. It’s been something like 6 years since my last book, and while I have three partially complete or nearly complete books, I ended those when I realized that a) I wasn’t ready to do the research work (they are non-fiction) and b) I didn’t care enough about what I was writing.

Those were reasons similar to why I stopped doing public appearances, though that’s a bit more complex.

IF I resume my book writing, it will be because I wake up looking forward to doing it. And that I’m confident I have something different to say in ways different than what exist.

Until then, I remain semi-retired, writing for my websites, and…well, simply waiting to see if that right time arrives.

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