Excellent response, @Ross Quintana While I would like to argue with your points, I can’t because they are so well stated and explained.

It must be me. But (Oh, I always have to put that but word in), I wonder if I would have reacted differently if the detail in your response to me was more evident in your original post.

Maybe not. My big picture view of social media is quite the opposite of yours. My reasons for disliking it are legion, and of course that colors my thinking. I suspect our starting points are so different, that there would be little common ground.

The best way to exemplify my feelings on social media is this: I would rather spend 30 minutes reading something written by an expert in a field than a year reading the “views” of a hundred thousand people who simply have an opinion and think they have a depth of understanding.

To me, social media is the latter, and I desperately seek out the former, and it’s damned hard to find on social media.

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