I actually started as a management consultant and speaker, but since business was slow at the start, I started writing a few self-published book (photocopied), and branched out into doing newsletters faxed. THEN came the book offer(s) so I got published by McGraw-Hill. And then probably a thousand or so posts and articles on my websites, that in turn made ad. dollars.

I’m still profiting from those multiple streams, added cheat sheets on various topics (called helpcards), and though I’m retired from speaking and public appearances, the residuals keep coming in.

So, yeah. I agree with you here. I think of it as being in the teaching and learning business, rather than being a writer. That helped keep me open to possibilities as they emerged. Some 15 or 20 books later, I’m still truckin’. August Birch

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Author, Trainer, customer service, management, performance appraisal,leadership,difficult customers

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