I’m disappointed because the cancellation was ideological, and I have problems with a new government trashing initiatives from the previous one. The sudden cancellation is problematic.

Oddly enough, while of course UBI is easily labelled as socialist, I see it differently as a former government employee. Musing about this on the way home earlier.

I don’t have the right numbers, but I see the UBI as potentially resulting in making government smaller and more efficient, PLUS allowing lower income people to reach for the middle class, and stimulating the economy.

It’s really simple. If you have UBI, then you basically eliminate almost all other social programs, and their administration costs which are high. You get rid of welfare at the three government levels. You get rid of UIC, AND employer contributions.

Almost everything then gets folded into CRA — all in one central administration. You have reasonable rules so (given 17k UBI) there’s significant motivation to work, and thus allow the multitude of minimum wage workers a shot at moving into the 30K+ region, which is a livable wage (well….depends where).

Obviously the details are important, and I think this has to be done nationally, but I see this as a major overhaul of the social support system, to eliminate duplication of services at the three levels of government while also being humane, and offering hope to the working poor.

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