Some twenty years ago, I wrote a book called Conflict Prevention In The Workplace — Using Cooperative Communication

“Just like cholesterol there’s good conflict and bad conflict. If you can prevent the bad, unnecessary conflict, you can save huge amounts of time, and pain associated with the “bad” stuff!?”

This was before I came across the non-violent communication approach of Rosenberg.

But my focus was/is different — to teach people how to prevent UNNECESSARY conflict coming from what I called Confrontational Communication, with the heavy accent of unnecessary.

Lots of conflict ends up being fueled by unintentional mistakes in communication, which occur more and more as arousal (emotions) increase.

Anyway, I’m with you on this. It’s IMPORTANT particularly as our “role models” (political leaders) have moved to confrontational communication.

I’m WAY with you on this. Good stuff, Andressa Chiara

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