Test Yourself & Learn: The Conflict Management and Resolution Crossword

Have fun and learn about conflict management

Welcome to our first crossword puzzle that is not only fun, but also a tool for learning a little bit more about best practices for dealing with conflict at home and at work.

In its original form available here, the crossword is interactive and can be completed online. Unfortunately we can’t reproduce that interactiveness here on Medium so it needs to be done a bit differently.

Your best bet is to print out both the crossword grid, plus the clue list, and complete it the “old fashioned” way. The answer sheet is available via the link at the bottom of this page.

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3. Effort to ensure that the other person isn’t humiliated or embarrased. For example, offering criticism only in private.

8. Restating a narrow or positional comment into a larger, more general, more negotiable perspective in order to find common ground.

9. Alternative Dispute Resolution is often used as a way to avoid the legal system to resolve a conflict.

10. The ______ even is what seems to set off a conflict, although it may not be the real root cause of the conflict.

11. Deal with one _____ at a time. When other things come up, note them, and come back to them after addressing the first concern.

13. It’s not always possible resolve a conflict, but you can usually _____ it for the purpose of ensuring that it doesn’t harm either party.

15. One key to constructive conflict resolution is to stop REacting and start making _____ ______ about how to handle the situation. THINK.

18. When you _____ someone, you show that you aren’t listening, and that you aren’t interested in what the other person is saying.

21. It’s possible to have a _______ that isn’t really a conflict, because neither party has a lot of investment in the issue.

22. The ______ cycle involves each person triggering the other (doing things that anger) in quick succession so the emotions seem to take on a life of their own, very quickly.

23. Another term for giving in.

24. Don’t _____ by using words like “always”, “never”.


  1. A conflict management style that involves allowing disagreements and concerns to be ignored, or denied. Often makes a conflict words as it simmers below the surface.

2. Using pressure, power, and often bullying tactics to get your own way. Dirty fighting that damages a relationship, often permanently.

4. A conflict management style or approach that involves tradeoffs, where each person is partially satisfied, but neither ends up “happy”.

5. The actual issue in dispute. The disagreement.

6. Emotional _____ control is important to practice so that you don’t blurt out damaging, destructive and hurtful things during arguments. Self-talk is the key.

7. _____ listening is important in understanding what the other person is saying and thinking and involves checking out what you’ve heard while trying to avoid judgment. UNDERSTAND first!

12. A conflict management style or approach that involves “giving in”. Useful if the issue isn’t important to you, and you value the relationships over getting your way.

14. Everyone has ___ _____. The tone of voice and words that instantly make us angry at another person.

16. _____ communication is a form of defensiveness that suggests you are completely right and certainly right. A “know it all”.

17. It’s OK to _____ for a few minutes to allow both parties to cool down, and reflect. An opportunity to think before resuming the discussion.

19. The use of a third party to help facilitate a solution or conflict outcome, often used when two parties can’t resolve their differences by themselves.

20. A conflict outcome when one person gets his or her own way, and the other person gets nothing. Usually a result of coercion, and damages the relationship.

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Terms of Use:

You are allowed to use screen captures of the puzzle, clues and solutions in your classroom work, or online, provided you link to the original page (http://conflict911.com/puzzles/xword1/index.htm). You may not, however, use the interactive version on any website of your own, although you are welcome to display it in class and work through it provided you do so from this page.

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