What Are Kids Learning About Communication, Conflict, Bullying, Power, Rich Folk, From The 2016 Election Campaign? For Parents and Teachers

Here’s the thing. We know from research in Psychology that people, and in particular, children, learn from watching others. They learn both new skills, and learn that various behaviors are acceptable (disinhibition).

What ARE Kids Learning From This Presidential Campaign?

  • That bullying is an OK strategy to get what you want, since the most powerful people in the country are doing it publicly?
  • That somehow it’s better to attack the person, rather than to offer criticism on the issues, and lord forgive, offer better ways of doing things?
  • That the rich and powerful can be loose with their facts and figures, or lie in public to get their ways?
  • That it’s OK to make excuses when one makes a mistake, or blame others (like the media), and that it’s often best to simply deny every mistake?
  • That it’s OK to label people and use name calling to win a debate: fascist and commie are two that come to mind.

What Else Are They Learning? — Comment Below

What can parents and teachers do to help students make sense of the personal attacks, malicious humor, labeling, stereotyping and more?

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Click here to see some of my answers to these questions from
It Takes A Village To Teach A Child Website. Feel free to add your answers below.

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